An Azure Prelude:

“Hovering in the now is as dancing in the here.”
“Live your present as the present.”


Ocean dyed stained glass clash against the holiest Place,
Beyond visions of star sprung grace
Space is heaven’s yard, and home of my grandfathers.

Their new porches, view unbothered,
Authoring a memoir, for me to one day read
Give the lingering questions a right to be freed.

Thank this speed of light dragging me atop father time
This life’s literature ends with silence among mimes,
Climb each vivid recollection, every given section

Red carpet dreamscape, blue sea selection,
And my affections, each faded love letter pinned
Fin from beginning, bare struggles to manufactured sins.

Heart searcher, tin scarecrows won’t pick grains,
Go“, to abandon vanity across the sea, mother Spain.

Steam across fields over glistening tracks,
Oh the mistakes found in youth’s backpack.

Smacked smiles, crashed loathing, depth in knowing,
Regrets drown in Mariana’s trench, breakneck rowing,
Showing change’s renaissance dance aboard a ghost ship.


I look back to this current now, palmed grips and a Sunset strip.
Sips of lord light’s grace the lips over my teeth
Grin tall towards the forever gone, the always out of reach.

The preacher’s stones listen to my nostalgic views.
Grandfathers, borrow me heavenly hue,
Your souls are in the now, the here

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