SciFi/Thriller Concept Trailer

Coming Soon


In the near-future, Amber Alerts require individuals to save missing children. A sloppy rug salesman becomes responsible for the recovery of a kidnapped boy.
Nas Medi as Louie Dupont
Juan Barajas as Ignacio
 Director: Paul DiRico
 Producer: Kaymen Walters
 Writer/Producer: Joshua Nicolás Prits                                                        
 Assistant Director: Brooke Wicker
 Cinematographer: Brooks Baxter
 First Assistant Camera: Peter Filimaua
 Location Manager: Sha Ma
 Production Designer: Jasmine Ilarde
 Editor: Hanna Sturwold
 Audio/Assistant Editor:  Sofía Telch
 Composer: Valentine Douglas
 Post Supervisor: Alexis Medina
 VFX/Color: Matt Kanfer
 Behind the Scenes: Jolie Lewis

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